2010 New Zealand Kennel Club National Dog Show
Thursday 3rd - Saturday 5th October 2013 - NZKC Exhibition Centre PORIRUA

Introducing our Obedience Judges for 2013....

Alexis Banas (Auckland) -Test A & Test B

Alexis Banas Alexis Banas has been training and competing in Obedience since 1993 when he moved back to New Zealand from Australia and was introduced to the sport by his parents. Alexis has served on the Committee of ABDTC and has been a member of and instructed for, All Breeds DTC, Counties Dog Training Club and Manukau Dog Training Club.
Alexis has also held the position of Zone 1 Representative on the NZKC Dog Training Committee. For the last few years, Alexis has been focused more on family Life, with his 2 year old daughter Lily and wife Kim and although he has judged at NDOA’s and NDTA’s in the past, is looking forward to Judging at a National Show for the first time.

Terri Robson (Rotorua) -Special Beginners, Novice and Test C

Terri Robson I first became involved in the dog world approximately 20 years ago. At the time I was attending domestic classes with my first dog Luckie - a Huntaway cross. Rotorua dog club was having their annual dog show and I was invited along to have a look at what a dog show entailed.
The show with all the different breeds of dogs who all appeared to be extremely obedient truly blew my mind and from that moment on I was hooked.
I began competing with Luckie who I took from Special Beginners through to Test A. Over this period I discovered that many of the dogs competing were Border Collies and my love for this breed was enhanced with the purchase of my first Border Collie, Dornbrae Border Misty. Together Misty and I learnt the ropes winning our way through to Test C and obtaining 2 challenges.
Unfortunately time ran out and we never got that 3rd and final challenge to gain our Obedience Champion Title. Misty was followed by my next Border "Alphai Clovers Pearl" (Duo to all those who new her). Duo was my dog in a million and by age 2 she had obtained her Obedience Champion title. She went on to gain her Grand Obedience title and obtained over 50 Challenges. Duo was followed by "Q" in on the Freeway of Heidesa (Freeway) who also obtained her Grand Obedience Title.
Around this time I decided it was time to give something back to the sport and with the encouragement and support of other fellow judges I took up judging. This gave me a broader prospective of our sport as I worked my way up the judging panel finally becoming a Test C Judge. Over this time I have continued to compete with another Border Collie "Longroyd got to take a Detour" (Detour ) and more recently a Beardie/Bordercollie cross known as Demo. Detour has his Obedience Champion Title while Demo is currently working in Test B.
2011 saw the birth of my first 2 legged baby "Luke". Despite the demands of motherhood I have continued to both compete and judge in the sport which has been such a huge part of my life. I wish all those competing at this years 2013 National event the best of luck and I look forward to seeing many of you in the obedience ring.

Lyn Clearwater (Ashburton) -Rally-0

Lyn Clearwater Hi, my name is Lyn Clearwater, from Ashburton. Firstly I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge Rally O at the National this year.
I have been involved with Rally since its introduction to New Zealand. It has been a pleasure to watch the sport go from strength to strength and to become part of the NZKC. As a Judge I have seen many handlers grow with the sport and always look forward to judging in different areas to see different dogs.
I have competed in Rally (when not judging) and have made my Goldie Merlot up to RA and my heading dog Tip to RE. I hope to get him up to RAE by the end of the year.
Tip also runs in Test C It is nice to see retired handlers, obedience dogs and agility dogs returning to the ring and enjoying Rally. It is also nice to see handlers that don't compete in any other sport competing in Rally, Some of which have gone on to competitive obedience.
Look forward to judging at the nationals. See you all there.

Sue Richardson (Shannon) -UD Trial
Sue Richardson
Hi my name is Sue Richardson and I am very pleased to be judging the UD trial at the National Dog Show this year.
I have been judging trials for 4 years and really enjoy watching the teamwork between handler and dog. Unfortunately it doesn't always go as planned even after all the work that is put into training, but they keep training and enter the next trial.
Dedication and determination are a necessity when you are a trialist.
I have 2 Working Trials Champions and I am currently competing in working trials with 3 other dogs.
My husband Kenn and I have recently passed the exams to be Obedience judges and we are looking forward to getting lots of judging contracts.
I also compete in Obedience and have trained 3 OB GR CH's and 2 OB CH's and have 3 dogs working their way up the tests.
Good luck to everyone in every discipline whom is entering the National Dog Show this year and remember to have fun with your dogs.