2010 New Zealand Kennel Club National Dog Show
Thursday 3rd - Saturday 5th October 2013 - NZKC Exhibition Centre PORIRUA

Introducing our Judges for 2013....

Jorge Nallem (Uruguay) - Judging

Jorge Nallem Owner of El Retorno Kennels.
Breeder of Wire and Smooth haired Fox Terriers, Standard Schnauzer, Whippet, Beagle, Boxer, Dachshund Shorthaired, Greyhound and Irish Setters.
He has achieved more than 150 All Breed Best in Show with his dogs participating in many countries as well as many World Champion titles.
He became a Fox Terrier judge in 1987, and an All Breed FCI judge in 1996. Specialist judge of Old English Sheepdogs, Boxers, Dobermanns, Schnauzers, Fox Terriers, Basset Hounds, Irish Setters, Poodles, Shih-tzu and Afghan Hounds.
Member of the FCI Standard Commission (1999-2014), President of the Kennel Club Uruguayo (1996-2000) (2004-2008), President of the judges committee of the KCU (2000-2004 2010-2012).
He has been President of the Cimarron Uruguayo Society, and councillor of the KCU several times since 1989.
Trainer of new judges in Uruguay and expounder at the Americas and Caribean Judges Congress in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009.
FCI Delegate for Americas and Caribean Show 1999, 2003, 2005 and for the World Dog Show 2005 (Argentina).
He has judged extensively all over the world including at the AKC Invitational Eukanuba World Challenge in USA.

Rony Doedijns (Netherlands) - Judging

Rony Doedijns I have been involved in the Dog World now for about 30 years. My own breed is Finnish Spitz and Tibetan Terriers. When I was 15 years old I received from my parents my first pedigree dog. This was a Finnish Spitz male puppy bred in Holland. I started showing him and I always say that my first Finnish Spitz was responsible for getting me so deep in the Dog World.
As a junior he won many BOB’s and was also very successful in the group. He won several groups under specialist judges from Scandinavia. Over the years I have imported several Finnish Spitz from their country of origin. Then I started breeding Finnish Spitz. I owned or bred several Dutch and International Champions, European Champions and FCI World Champions in Finnish Spitz.
Since may 2007 I was inaugurated by the Dutch Kennel Club as the third all-rounder in the Netherlands, allowed to judge all breeds at Championship show level. I am the first Dutch judge to complete breed exams in all the 10 FCI groups. I have judged Best In Show and all FCI groups at international level in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2008 I judged BIS at the Dog of the Year show in the Netherlands.
I have judged in most of the European Countries, UK, Canada, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, Russia and USA. For more than 29 years I am a member of SCANDIA the breed club for Scandinavian Spitz breeds in the Netherlands. I became a member of the British Kennel Club in November 2010.
In 2009 they gave me the honour to judge Best in Show at the Amsterdam Winner show. One of the biggest Dog shows in Europe.
I am a board member of the Royal Dutch Kennel Club Cynophilia and since May 2009 President of the Amsterdam Winner Show.
In the Netherlands I am Chairman of the Judges committee (VKK) this organisation is a formal partner of the Kennel Club in monitoring the education of dog show judges.

Dr. Zafra Sirik (Israel) - Judging

Dr. Zafra Sirik My father bred Boxers, and I was an active member, and later a board member, of the Israeli Boxer Club (1970-1974). I later bred black standard Schnauzers and for 20 years was involved in the Israeli Schnauzer Club as a member of the board, breeding consultant, editor of the Schnauzer newsletter, and chairperson of the club.
My first Greyhound was Isr Ch Solstrand Liberty Light in 1978 and I breed Greyhounds under the TIGI'S kennel name. I am the Chairperson of the Israeli Sighthound Club, a position I have held since 1996. My main interest within the club is promotion of native desert-bred Salukis. I also edit and publish the Israeli sighthound magazine.
I have also been active in the Israel Kennel Club (IKC) for many years, as director of the IKC stud book (1975-1977), editor of "Dog World" magazine (1985-1987), chair of the IKC breeding committee and member of the IKC board (1996-1998), and as director of the IKC's big annual international dog shows (1997-1998). I am particularly proud of my active participation in writing the main IKC rules, including those on organisation, breeding, judging, shows, and ethics.
I was approved to judge Schnauzers and Boxers in 1974. I then trained intensively in additional breeds, mainly from FCI groups 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10, both in Israel and in the UK, Europe, and Scandinavia. In 1986 I was honoured to be nominated by the IKC as an All-Breed Judge.
I have had many judging assignments, including BIS, around the globe. Through the years I have also been active as a mentor of prospective judges and as an instructor in IKC judges' training courses.

Pam Douglas (New Zealand) - Judging Puppy Stakes & NZ Bred Stakes

Sigurd Wilberg I started showing in the late 1960's with Pembroke Welsh Corgis and from there dogs have evolved into a serious passion. My first judging appointment was 1988 and I gained my All Breeds License in 2010. The three breeds I have been deeply involved with are Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Bearded Collies and Australian Terriers. I am currently enjoying living with a Long Haired Dachshund as well.
I have judged in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Chile, Thailand, Ireland and Mexico. These Countries have given me the opportunity to judge at Specialty Shows, Regional Specialties and All Breeds.
I have served at various levels on many local committees and I am currently Chair of Waikato Judges Branch, Chair of Region 2 Show Judges and acting Secretary of the new Dog Judges Association. I am Chair of Canine Health which is a sub committee of The New Zealand Kennel Club. At the recently held AGM of Huntly & District Kennel Assn I changed roles from Secretary/Treasurer to President/Treasurer. I am honoured to be a Life Member of Huntly & District Kennel Assn.